Gen Con After Action Report

Well, we are finished now at Gen Con. The US Mongoosers have already left for home, and I am just waiting for the next flight out of Indianapolis. Should be home first thing Tuesday morning!

A typical Gen Con day is packed. An early breakfast with the rest of Mongoose personnel attending sets up what we have to do that day. Get to the booth for 9am, make sure everything is where it should be. Doors open at 10am but, before that, you have retailers, VIGs (Very Important Gamers) and other manufacturers coming up and asking questions.

Meetings go on throughout the day, with distributors, writers, artists, and other partners in the industry. In between those, we also do the most important thing - hobnobbing with fans, and spreading the good word of our latest and forthcoming releases! The latter is always the best part, but it takes a toll on your feet!

Doors to the hall close at 6pm but you have to hurry back to the hotel to wash and change so you are ready for, you've guessed it, more meetings! These are usually more laid back affairs at one of the many restaurants in Indianapolis, but no less important for all that as you hammer out deals and agreements.

After that, you intend to hit a bar and grab a drink or two, but it never happens - at that point, you just want to sleep, and get ready to do it all over again the next day!

Our printers camed through for us and within an hour of the show starting, we had a clutch of new titles up on the stand - the immensely popular Designers & Dragons, Age of Treason, Sword Worlds, Crystal Raiders, Stars Without Number, The NeXus Files and Van Graaf's Journal of Dragons.

We also had the first of the new A Call to Arms Star Fleet models on display, a painted Federation Heavy Cruiser and, on Saturday (when we had a restock), the Klingon D6.

I managed to get some time on Sunday to wander the hall for an hour, chatting to other manufacturers, arranging some product swaps (lots of great goodies coming back with us!), and I also encountered a miniatures game from one of the smaller companies very similar to something I had in mind for Mongoose to do in the future - we are currently chatting about bringing it to a wider market, so we will see what happens.

Also managed to have a decent sit down with the US Mongoose staff to talk about some games that are just coming up on the horizon. Lots of good ideas floating around, now we just have to make them happen.

All in all, a great show, and we are looking forward to next year!